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MarketWide's Scheduler allows you to automatically run reports on a specific date and time. Scheduling a task in Scheduler saves hours of wait time and prevents you from forgetting to execute important reports on time.

The Scheduler function allows you to choose the dates and the frequency in which you want a report to run. When you are in Scheduler, the Schedule List tab will display all scheduled reports and statistics about those reports.

Users can also setup notifications that send once a task is complete. For information on how to set this up, see the "Send Email" section.

To open the Scheduler, click on the Scheduler ()  icon in the MarketWide main window. The Scheduler dialog allows you to add a new scheduled report, edit an existing report, or remove an existing report from the schedule.

You can also access the Scheduler dialog from within Analyzer, TouchPoint, SendEx, or DataExport via the File menu. After saving one of the previously mentioned tools, choose File > Schedule. The Scheduler dialog opens with your current report selected as the default.


Scheduling a Report

In the Scheduler dialog, click New Schedule on the toolbar or double click on the time of a date you want to schedule your task. 

The Add Schedule Setup Dialog This section describes the options in the New Schedule dialog.

Report – Where the report is identified. 

  • Name – Designates which saved report this scheduled task will run.
  • Description – A place where you can write your own name for the saved task.

Recurrence  This is where you decide if you want your report to run only once or if you would like to set it to run on a reoccurring schedule.

    • Single – The report will only run once. For example, you can schedule a report to run in a week. It will run in a week and then it will not run again.
    • Interval – Report runs on an interval every number of days. For example, you can run a report every three days.
    • Weekly – Report runs on a day every number of weeks. For example, you can run a campaign every Wednesday every two weeks.
    • Monthly – Report runs on a day or a date every number of months. For example, you can run a report for day 10 of every third month, or for the first Monday of every month.

Range – The date that the report will run or the first date a reoccurring task is scheduled to run.

    • Occurrences – Indicates how long to run the recurrence pattern. You can set up reports to run indefinitely, to end after a certain number of occurrences, or to end by a date.

Options – At the bottom of the Add Schedule and Edit Schedule Properties dialog are the options for the task that is being scheduled. 

  • Require confirmation email to begin – The task will not be able to run until a confirmation email is responded to.
  • Send notification when task completes – Sends an email to the user letting them know the scheduled task has been ran.
  • Exclude weekends – Excludes weekends from the schedule's interval.

Excluding weekends means that the scheduled task will skip any runs that would have been on a weekend. For example, if you schedule a task to run every four days, the Scheduler moves four days forward from the start date. If the date is not a weekend then the task is scheduled and moves forward four days again to repeat the process. However, if the fourth day is a weekend then it will skip that specific run, count four more days, and try again.

To Create a Scheduled Report

  1. In the MarketWide main window, click the Scheduler icon () on the toolbar to open the Scheduler dialog.
  2. In the Scheduler dialog, click File then New Schedule or the icon () to open the Add Schedule Properties dialog.
  3. Click the Open Folder icon () to select the Report, i.e. the TouchPoint, SendEx, DataExport or Analyzer, you want to schedule.
  4. In the Recurrence section, indicate whether you want a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Interval report and enter the necessary information for the day on which you want it. Options vary for daily, weekly, and monthly reports. You may also set exceptions to exclude runs for weekends with the check-boxes.
  5. In the 'Recurrence' section, indicate the date on which you want your report recurrence pattern to begin and when you want it to end.
  6. Click Finish. The scheduled report appears in the Scheduler dialog.
  7. Click Close to exit the Scheduler dialog.

To Modify a Scheduled Report

  1. In the MarketWide main window, click Scheduler on the toolbar to open the Scheduler dialog.
  2. In the Scheduler dialog, highlight the report you want to change in the 'Schedule Tasks' section.
  3. Click Edit Item to open the Edit Schedule Properties dialog for the highlighted report.
  4. Make the necessary changes.
  5. Click Finish to confirm your changes and return to the Scheduler dialog.

To Delete a Scheduled Report

  1. In the MarketWide main window, click Scheduler on the toolbar to open the Scheduler dialog.
  2. In the Scheduler dialog, highlight the report you want to delete.
  3. Right click and select Delete Item to delete the selected report.


When you delete one instance of a report, you can choose if all other instances of the report will be deleted or if just that one run will be deleted.

Send Notification when Task Completes

The Scheduler can be set up to automatically send you an email when a report completes a scheduled run. This notification option is enabled from the Add Schedule dialog and the Main Scheduler window.

Notifications must be set up individually for each report. The email will only be sent to the user who sets up the scheduled report and will include the report's name, associated server, and completion time. The Send Email option is only available if the host server supports email and the user has entered an email address in the Change User Settings option dialog from the MarketWide main window.

To Setup the Send Email Option on a New Scheduled Task

  1. From the main MarketWide window, open the Scheduler by clicking Scheduler on the toolbar.
  2. Click the New Schedule icon from the toolbar to create a new scheduled event.
  3. Open the task you would like to schedule in accordance with the Create a Scheduled Report instructions found in this manual.
  4. Select the check-box option to Send notification when task completes to setup MarketWide to automatically send an email to the address provided after the task is run.

To Setup MarketWide to Send Email After the Task is Scheduled

  1. From the main MarketWide window, open the Scheduler by clicking Scheduler on the toolbar.
  2. Highlight the report that you want to have the Send Email option.
  3. Right-click the report and select Edit.
  4. Check Send notification when task completes to enable the option.

The Scheduler Menu and Toolbar

The Scheduler toolbar provides quick access to commonly used commands. Click an icon once to carry out the action. To open or edit a schedule you can either right click on the schedule and select edit, or go to the Schedule List tab and select the appropriate report.



Menu Equivalent

Adds a new scheduled report.

File > New Schedule

Prints the scheduled report information displayed in the Scheduler dialog.

File > Print

Exits Scheduler.

File > Exit

Allows you to select all scheduled items.

Edit > Select All Schedules

Allows you to modify an existing scheduled report.

Edit > Edit Schedule

Allows you to open a scheduled report.

Edit > Open Report

Runs the selected scheduled report immediately.

Edit > Run Now

Disables the selected scheduled report.

Edit > Disable

Deletes the selected scheduled report.

Edit > Delete Item

View the calendar by days.

View > Day View

View the calendar by weeks.

View > Week View

View the calendar by months.

View > Month View

Displays only the current user's scheduled items.

View > My Scheduled Items

Displays help information for the Scheduler program.

Help > Scheduler Help