MarketWide Manual

MarketWide is a powerful, yet user-friendly campaign management tool that is also excellent at forming reports and marketing databases queries. 

Using simple point-and-click techniques, you can quickly and easily analyze your data and obtain valuable information about your customers. MarketWide also runs complex marketing campaigns to target the customers you need to reach, as well as provide answers to essential questions about your customers, helping you to make well-informed business decisions. 

MarketWide is a completely generic application that requires no customization to process your data. As MarketWide interacts with your server, it obtains lists of table and field names from your database and permits you to view information or generate reports. 

Because MarketWide utilizes Windows’ ability to run multiple programs simultaneously, you can use your computer for other tasks while your queries execute. You can even schedule MarketWide reports to run while you are not logged in! 

All MarketWide programs allow you to choose filters so that you can focus on specific segments of your database. When you wish to display or share your results, you may print or save in a variety of file types or to HTML. You can also share report criteria from various MarketWide programs with other users on a network.