Release Notes: Version

Release Date:  

What's New

  1. Added support for automatically importing data logs from feedback server.
  2. Added support for ‘combining’ branches in TouchPoint’s MarketFlow.

New Features and Improvements

  1. Numerous improvements and bug fixes to TouchPoint’s touch grid.
  2. Opening a local file from any client module now imports the file’s name. 
  3. Simplified password change prompts in the main window. 
  4. Simplified naming convention for TouchPoint work tables. 
  5. Performance improvements and caching across MWO’s Email and Web Activity reports.
  6. Numerous improvements to MWO’s custom web reports. 
  7. Redesigned MWO’s Enterprise Manger overview, included more detail for all services. 
  8. Server logs now kept for longer period. 
  9. Multiple offline notifications will now be grouped into a single notification. 
  10. If date entered by user cannot be parsed, error message will include the expected date format. 
  11. Missing fields, expressions, aggregates, and custom functions will now show up in segment editor with their original name, instead of as ‘Invalid’. 
  12. A/B comparison of touches in MWO’s Email Reports now allows comparing any number of touches.
  13. User can now delete active tasks, without first having to explicitly cancel them. 
  14. User can now create new scripts, templates, and html directly from open/save dialog. 
  15. Deployment of web server and feedback servers can now detect files in use, and retry as necessary. 16
  16. Included more information to error when a TouchPoint campaign fails due to a missing table. 
  17. Performance improvements to email and web activity rollups.
  18. Added rollups for email performance data.
  19. System db/schema updates will now sync indexes. 
  20. System db/schema can now be updated without requiring new MarketWide build. 

Fixed Issues

  1. Fixed problem that could occur when performing IP location updates on multiple realms simultaneously. 

  2. Fixed disabled OK button on AdminUtility’s expression builder dialog. 

  3. Fixed problem that occurred when saving catalog in AdminUtility after editing a drilldown. 

  4. Fixed error opening Task Property dialog in MWO’s Enterprise Manager. 

  5. Fixed drilldown exports in MWO’s Email and Web Activity reports. 

  6. Fixed numerous bugs related to available data types and custom functions in cubes. 

  7. Fixed bug where Analyzer did not properly associate itself with task when submitting single query.

  8. A catalog refresh error on TouchPoint commit will no longer prevent uncommit. 

  9. Pausing/canceling a SendEx while spooling will no longer cause task to show an error status. 

  10. Fixed memory leaks that occurred when running Analyzer multiple times.

Important Notes
  1. Throttles have been removed from Hurricane accounts. Throttles must now be applied within the Hurricane sever itself, instead of within MarketWide.
  2. Removed ability to choose the same system/db schema for more than one realm.