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Important Notes

  1. 5.2.7 features an integrated setup and update process for the system database schema. 
  2. WebTrak activity will now be cleaned up after 30 days. WebTrak details will be cleaned up after 365 days. Email activity will continue to be cleaned up after 180 days.

New Features

  1. Added support for custom column mappings in WebTrak activity table. 
  2. Added the ability to query uniqueidentifier and binary columns in QueryBuilder. 
  3. Custom columns in TouchPoint now support full range of valid SQL identifier characters. 
  4. Numerous improvements to graphs, charts, and maps throughout MWO. 
  5. Added more host statistics to MWO's Enterprise Manager. 
  6. Improvements to the IP location update process. 
  7. MWO Enterprise now supports setup and maintenance of feedback servers. 
  8. Improved task queuing on installations with multiple realms. 
  9. Added ability to reference TouchPoint's work table in template-based scripts and job nodes with a new WorkTable variable. 
  10. Numerous improvements to TouchPoint's Nth Setup dialog.

Fixed Issues 

  1. Fixed an issue in CubeBuilder that caused invalid auto-generated table aliases. 
  2. Fixed an issue in CubeBuilder that prevented broken steps from displaying in the Output section. 
  3. Fixed an issue in CubeBuilder where sub-queries were not accounted for during optimization. 
  4. Fixed an issue in Analyzer that caused charts to be associated with incorrect section. 
  5. Fixed an issue where quarterly maintenance wasn't properly skipped while installing IP location updates. 
  6. Fixed an issue that prevented WebTrak rollup from completing in some cases. 
  7. Fixed various issues in Solicit Template Wizard related to custom aliases. 
  8. Fixed various issues with custom column naming in JoinBuilder.