MarketWide Knowledge BaseRelease Notes: Version

Release Notes: Version

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What's New

  1. A search function has been added to the Open/Save dialog. Users can now type in a file name for a specific section.
  2. TouchPoint Exclude Dialog Redesign:
    1. MarketWide supports excludes that are saved to a library, like a saved segment or an aggregate.
    2. The exclude dialog has an exclude counts column that shows counts for all records that are excluded when the TouchPoint campaign has been submitted.
    3. Added an exclude editor dialog that gives the ability to add, edit, save or open preexisting excludes.
    4. You can open multiple saved excludes simultaneously
  3. CubeBuilder Interface Redesign
    1. Added drag and drop functionality for all the cube actions.
    2. Added Properties and Output section that you can view all visible cube tables and choose additional settings in the step properties section of a currently selected step.
    3. Ability to group the same type of cube tables together, instead of a linear list of steps.
    4. The optimize cube toolbar button will automatically check how steps are being referenced and will adjust the steps to make the cube more efficient.
  4. An option to change the realm state for Client Admins on the MarketWide Online - Enterprise Manager. This will give users the ability to change the “Hi Client” greeting to a more descriptive name. 
  5. In the TouchPoint segment properties, the user can add percentages to the Match Limit option.
  6. Added ability to regenerate outputs for a single touch, after the MarketFlow has already ran.
  7. WebTrak reports has been added to the list of MarketWide Online services. This report allows the user to track details of how their various webpages are being accessed.

Fixed Issues

  1. Fixed an issue where opening an Analyzer task would give an error of Could not find file 'xxxxx_x.dbf'

  2. Fixed issue where using a Prompt Variable were not being passed thru to TouchPoint's Table Filter when using a Trigger or Subquery