MarketWide Knowledge BaseRelease Notes: Version

Release Notes: Version

Release Date:  

What's New

  1. Any property of a TouchPoint campaign can now be saved directly into a TouchPoint Campaign Template, to be loaded by default for any new campaign created using the template. This replaces the previous ability to save predefined pass-thrus into the template. 
  2. Added admin alerts for the following situations: MWO update failure, feedback server update failure, data log import failure, and IP location update failure. 
  3. (Preview) A web-based version of OutputManager is now available from MWO’s landing page. 
  4. Task variables are now available for selection within VariableBuilder when accessed from applicable modules, e.g. TouchPoint and Analyzer. 
  5. The save dialog now provides access to VariableBuilder when applicable, allowing the user to embed variables within a file name. 
  6. Added the ability to turn off link tracking on a link-by-link basis in HTMLEditor.

New Features and Improvements

  1. Task archival/unarchival in the main window now runs in the background, allowing user to continue working while process is active. 
  2. Optimized handling of archived tasks so that users with extremely large number of tasks can still access their archive folders. Archived tasks will load quicker as well. 
  3. The solicit template list in TouchPoint’s MarketFlow will now be updated after adding a new template via the Solicit Template Wizard. 
  4. The admin alert that occurs after rollup failure will now be sent after four failures, immediately following the last failure. 
  5. MWO’s Enterprise Manager now properly indicates which users are currently logged in via MWO. 
  6. Minor performance improvement when sending email via Hurricane. 
  7. AdminUtility will now display a list of all tables where a field is referenced, when viewing field properties. 
  8. A broken database join will no longer cause an Oracle catalog refresh to fail.

Fixed Issues

  1. Re-enabled the ability to assign print formats to dimensions in Analyzer. 

  2. Fixed bug that prevented admin users from being able to cancel email/web activity rollups. 

  3. Fixed bug that caused TouchPoint to lock up after minimizing a full screen campaign report preview. (Similar problem affected Analyzer when previewing report and has also been fixed.) 

  4. Alert messages now point user to the correct location within the main window for updating alerts. 

  5. Fixed numerous problems within the Facebook ad designer/preview. 

  6. Fixed bug in web activity tracker that trimmed some session ids from 32 characters to 31. 

  7. Fixed problems in Analyzer’s Pivot Grid Options dialog. 

  8. Fixed problem in Analyzer where some sort options did not persist when saving report. 

  9. Fixed minor problems with propagation of description changes in TouchPoint’s Touch Manager. 

  10. Removed unnecessary error message that occurred when canceling an Export execution. 

  11. Fixed error that could occur when shutting down modules on Main Window close.