Email Reports

Promotional Campaign Summary

The Email Reports provide a list of active and inactive email campaigns from a specific realm. The Promotional Campaign Summary lists these campaigns and data associated with them. These columns can be filtered to display specific results by using the filter icon which contains pre-formatted options, or by typing a desired result in the text box. The columns listed include the following: 

  • Campaign ID - Name of the TouchPoint or SendEx. 
  • User ID - The user responsible for launching the campaign.
  • # of Touches - The number of touch actions in the MarketFlow Tab of the campaign, 
  • Sent Time - Time and date the campaign was launched. 
  • Sent Count - Number of emails sent in the campaign. 
  • Open Rate - The percentage of emails opened. 
  • Click Rate - The percentage of emails that received at least one click. 
  • Reply Count - The number of replies the campaign received. 

Campaign Details
Clicking on the campaign ID name will give a more detailed look into individual campaigns. This contains many of the same statistics as the Promotional Campaign Summary, along with specific items such as opens, clicks, bounces, complaints and rejections. These can be drilled down even further by clicking on the number associated with the data you would like to view. These provide the actual email address and customer key for the statistic clicked, accompanied by more corresponding data for each of them.  

Touches used in the campaign selected all have their own detailed view found under the Touches tab. This has columns of data for each touch and they can be drilled down into further detail by clicking the Touch ID which leads to the Touch Details window. This displays a Details tab view showing the individual touch data and Heat Map tab that details the frequency of clicks that occurred on each link in the email. 

The Devices area displays data involving the type of device and browser used to open and click on emails from your campaigns. A percentage is shown for each device and browser recorded. The time period shown can be adjusted by using the Display Time Period: drop down menu. Charts can be exported by clicking the ( ) icon and selecting a file type. 

The Locations map evaluates the open and click rates of emails based on the geographical locations of where they occurred. The rates are shown from the state level, the county, and down to the zip code region of that county. Clicking Display Data shows the rates in a list view in addition to the map view. 

Transactional Tab
The Transactional Tab holds data for Transactional email campaigns which run on a predetermined interval in order to email new customers when they appear in a table. This type of campaign runs continuously and is configured using the SendEx module. Similar to the Promotional Campaign Summary, the Transactional Campaign Summary contains the campaigns, their current status, the user that created them, and additional email analytics. Individual campaign details can be viewed here as well. This tab also incorporates the Devices and Location features which operate in the same manner they would in the Promotional Campaign Summary. Here they hold only Transactional campaign data instead of Promotional.

Performance Tab
Domain related data for an individual realm is held in the Performance Tab. A summary of sent emails, bounces, complaints, opens, and clicks can be grouped by domain or endpoint. These results can be filtered to show certain campaigns and time periods as well. The results are color coded in and ranked in three levels: Good, Caution, or Warning. Like other MarketWide Online tabs, the Performance tab result data can be clicked for a more detailed view of that category. 

This tab is set to capture replies to emails sent out through your MarketWide campaigns. The reply email itself can be viewed by clicking the Subject Line. The email is presented as it would be in a typical email provider. The campaign and touch ID is found here along with the type of reply sent, sent time, receiving email address, and customer key that has responded.