Release Notes: Version

Release Date:  

What's New

  1. Added the ability to assign custom thresholds to good/caution/bad open and click rates in email reports. 
  2. TouchPoint Campaign reports and Analyzer output can now be accessed directly from a new area of MarketWide Online. 
  3. Added the ability to copy/paste local segments from one TouchPoint campaign to another. 
  4. Added support for ‘All Other’ split in TouchPoint’s touch grid. 
  5. Added supported for tracking conversions in web activity.

New Features and Improvements

  1. Improved formatting of web activity report graphs. 
  2. Optimized queries associated with web activity reports. 
  3. Continued to improve display of date/times in email and web activity reports, with regards to users’ local time zone. 
  4. Improved pasting in TouchPoint’s touch grid, as well as support for picklist enforcement rules. 
  5. Improved UI behavior of TouchPoint’s touch grid after deleting one or more splits. 
  6. Overhauled bounce/confirmation processing for email installations using Hurricane MTA server, giving more accurate feedback with regards to hard bounces vs. transient bounces vs. rejects. 
  7. Added more information to transactional email drilldowns in email reports. 
  8. New Performance page previously in preview is now displayed by default. 
  9. New Performance page is now mobile/tablet responsive. 
  10. Numerous improvements to new Combine action in TouchPoint MarketFlow. 
  11. Numerous improvements to Facebook ad targeting in TouchPoint, including new solicit template mappings for channel table. 
  12. Completely overhauled process used to update IP location tables. New process takes ~10 minutes per update on standard hardware. Also added the option to apply a single update at a time.
  13. Optimized the way locations are calculated for opens and clicks in email reports. Significantly reduced the time calculations take during rollup. 
  14. On close, main window will now attempt to close open applications, and will prompt user if unable.

Fixed Issues

  1. Fixed problems that could occur when displaying location maps and email heat maps, in cases where campaign and/or touch ids contained special characters. 

  2. Fixed behavior of in-place editors in match, allocation, and order columns in TouchPoint’s touch grid. 

  3. Numerous fixes to automated data log file import. 

  4. Fixed errors that occurred during bulk insert of data on Oracle databases when column names contained special characters. 

  5. Fixed inability to cancel Analyzer tasks in some cases. 

  6. Fixed error that occurred when attempting to rename a file in open/save dialog inside of an active search.