Release Notes: Version

Release Date:  

What's New

  1.  MarketWide now supports using LDAP to authenticate users via Active Directory.

New Features and Improvements

  1.  Improved look and feel of all charts across email and web activity reports. 
  2. Long running tasks that lose connection to the database will now include a task message at the time connection is re-established. 
  3. Frequency splits from TouchPoint’s criteria tab will now generate segments with more sensible names. 
  4. Relaxed the requirements for using the same ‘prompt’ variable multiple times within a given task. 
  5. Improved startup time of the host for installations with many tasks. 
  6. Added ability to combine existing segments on TouchPoint criteria tab into a single segment. 
  7. Numerous improvements to frequency splits in TouchPoint.  
  8. Numerous improvements to TouchPoint’s touch grid. 
  9. Numerous improvements to MWO’s custom reports. 
  10. Decreased time it takes to spool emails before sending. 
  11. Continued improvements to charts/graphs within email and web activity reports. 
  12. Editing a solicit template can now be initiated from within TouchPoint at the time a template is selected for a touch. 
  13. Email activity rollups now run independently from web activity rollups.

Fixed Issues

  1. Fixed an error that could occur when rolling up new email jobs to the reporting table(s). 

  2. Fixed an error that could occur when applying suppressions while sending email. 

  3. Fixed problem with using ‘tab’ as delimiter in solicit files. 

  4. Fixed a problem in QueryBuilder that occurred when clicking sort buttons on toolbar outside of the Results tab.

  5. Fixed a problem with running a criteria tab frequency split in TouchPoint against multiple fields. 

  6. Fixed problem where hitting F1 would open two instances of knowledge base instead of one. 

  7. Fixed a problem that occurred when system objects didn’t properly reference their parent database/schema. 

  8. Fixed problems that occurred when attempting undo/redo on TouchPoint’s touch grid. 

  9. Fixed problem where cubes that reference prompt variables could be refreshed multiple times within the same task. 

  10. Fixed problem that caused some interactive queries to become non-responsive.