Release Notes: Version

Release Date:  

What's New

  1.   Added new transactional email reports to MWO. 
  2. Redesigned the touch-level grid in TouchPoint. 
  3. Help documentation is now linked to online MarketWide Knowledge Base.

New Features and Improvements

  1.  Continued improvements to MWO’s Enterprise Manager. 
  2. Minor enhancements to HTML Editor’s preview dialog. 
  3. Join tables can now be optionally sorted in natural order as opposed to database order.

Fixed Issues

  1. Internal TouchPoint queries performed during constraint processing are now case-insensitive. 

  2. Fixed TouchPoint problem where selected exclude field would be cleared when editing an existing exclude.

  3. Fixed scaling when printing MarketFlow diagrams.

  4. Fixed problem that occurred when trying to use sub-query within a join filter.