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MarketWide Update (MWUpdate)

MarketWide Update, also known as MWUpdate, is a login and configuration utility for MarketWide. With MWUpdate, you can add and configure realms as well as log into MarketWide.

MWUpdate Main Window  

The MWUpdate main window is the area where you log into MarketWide. Here you will select the realm you want to use and enter your connection information. In addition, you can change various MarketWide settings from this screen. 

  • Realm List – This drop-down menu is the list of available realms that you are permitted to log into. You must add a realm to this list using the Add button before it is available.
  • Add – This button opens the Add Realm dialog so that you can add a new realm. For more information on adding realms, please see Adding, Configuring, and Deleting Realms below.
  • Configure – This button opens the Configure Realm dialog so that you can configure and setup the realm that is currently selected in the realm list.
  • Remove – This removes the realm that is currently selected in the realm list.
  • Connection Information – This is the login for the currently selected MarketWide realm. The login information is provided by your MarketWide administrator.
  • User Name– The user ID for the currently selected MarketWide realm.
  • Password – The password for the currently selected MarketWide realm.
  • Forgot password? – Clicking this link emails the password for the current user ID to the email address provided. To set this feature up, please speak to your MarketWide administrator.
  • Connect – Clicking this button logs into MarketWide if all the connection information is correct.
  • Exit – Clicking this button exits the MarketWide Connection Manager without logging into MarketWide.
  • Advanced – Clicking this button will show or hide the Add, Configure, and Remove buttons, and the available realms.
  • Connection Options – These settings, found by clicking ‘Configure’, edit the connection timeouts, which affect how your MarketWide Client connects to the MarketWide Host. You can manually set these values or leave it at the default setting of 30 seconds.
  • Timeout – This affects how many seconds the MarketWide Client will take in trying to establish a connection with the MarketWide Host before displaying an error or ‘timing out.’

Adding, Configuring, and Deleting Realms 

MarketWide uses a domain system known as Realms. Realms include the database server(s) you are connecting to, the users created for the realm, and the MarketWide catalog. Realms are created and configured by the MarketWide Administrator in MarketWide Enterprise Manager. Because the MarketWide Client can connect to different realms, you must add and define realms to MWUpdate. To add a realm, you must open the Configure MarketWide Realm dialog by clicking the Add button on the MWConnect main window. 

Configure Realms Dialog 

  • Realm Configuration – These are the settings that define the realm. To determine these values, contact your MarketWide administrator.
  • Realm Name – This is the name of the realm, and what will appear in your realm list.
  • Host name or IP address – This is the IP or machine name of the MarketWide Host computer.
  • Port Number – This is the communication port. The default value is 8000.
  • Connection Test – This button will display the results of the MarketWide connection test when you click the Test button. If you have created and configured the realm correctly, and the MarketWide Client can communicate to the MarketWide Host, all tests will be successful. If one of the tests fails, check your MarketWide realm information with your MarketWide administrator and your network connectivity with your network administrator.

To Add a Realm

  1. Click the Advance button on the log in window to expand the window.
  2. Click Add, which brings up the realm settings window.
  3. Enter the Realm Name, the Host Name or IP Address, and the Port Number. This information is supplied by your MarketWide Administrator and is set when they create the realm.
  4. At the bottom, you may test the connection to the host with the Test option. If all tests are successful, continue to the next step. If not, please go back to Step 2 and correct your realm information.
  5. If you wish, you may also edit the Timeout duration values, allowing you to optimize your MarketWide experience.
A realm may be edited after it is added by selecting the realm from the MarketWide Login window and clicking the Configure button. To delete a realm, select the realm from the list and click Remove.