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MarketWide Online (MWO) provides a method of monitoring various aspects of MarketWide email analytics, web tracking data, custom reports, and management of the host server. It can be accessed through the MarketWide Online icon () located in the MarketWide Main Window. It is recommended to save or bookmark the URL of MarketWide Online features for quick access. In the MWO Log in page, there is a drop down menu to select the Realm you wish to use. The credentials needed are the same user name and password used to log into MarketWide. You are able to log into MarketWide Online even if you are not logged into the MarketWide program itself. After logging in, the home page provides access to the available features associated with your selected realm, along with links to the support team and settings.


MWO Settings

Account Options

The Account Option drop down menu is reached by clicking your name and greeting in the top navigation bar. Using the Add Account feature in the drop down options allows you to log into multiple realms simultaneously. Each realm you are logged into will appear in this menu when using this option. You also have the option to sign out here. 


Clicking the settings gear () will provide another list of drop down options. The Realm Settings are available here which enable you to set the desired state of the realm you are logged into. These options include: 

  • Normal- The state of a functioning MarketWide Realm.
  • Maintenance- Placing a realm in Maintenance mode prevents queries from being run and tells MarketWide that you are aware that your database is unavailable. Auto Resume tasks such as a Transactional SendEx are automatically paused and resumed once the realm returns to Normal mode. Once you return MarketWide to Normal, your scheduled tasks and polling campaigns will resume running their queries.
  • Disabled- Completely disables the realm from all usage. 

The Check for Updates option is also found in the settings () menu. This is used to display the latest available version of MarketWide which will be labeled as (Recommended), along with release notes. Clicking New Builds will toggle between the most recent version and previous versions of MarketWide. There is a Download option that updates your host machine directly from the updates page.


 It is recommended to place your realms in maintenance mode and ensure that all users are logged out before updating as a precaution.